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We have launched a website for our real estate business.

We are pleased to announce that Acima Corporation has launched a dedicated website for our real estate business.

Acima's real estate business is the culmination of our quest for the "ideal real estate agency" that fulfills all the ideas and feelings we, a couple with a shared hobby of moving, have experienced through our relationships with various real estate agencies and management companies. We've always thought, "It would be nice if there were a real estate agency like this" or "We like this aspect of this particular agency, so let's ask them for help."

Unfortunately, we could not find an ideal real estate agency that could fulfill our desires, such as "wanting to search for real estate in a good mood and enjoyably," "suggesting our ideal properties," and "understanding our feelings." As a result, we decided to start our own real estate business, concluding that this way, we wouldn't have to experience unpleasant or disappointing feelings.

Of course, we understand that there are already lucky individuals who have found their favorite real estate agencies.

If you are still searching, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We provide consultation services for rental, sales, and management throughout Japan, focusing on Tokyo and Osaka. We also offer support in English.

Please consider "Acima Real Estate" for your real estate needs. We look forward to working with you.

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